For the creation of all the RAGiF (Routaki’s Audio Guide info Files) an enormous amount of research was done. This resulted in up to 300.000 words of information divided into several subjects. On this page you find in the diversity of categories the links to the pages were you can read about the Greek orthodox church. These articles are the whole (or basic) story for the information that’s given to you in audio form when you drive one of the routes of Routaki.

Nederlands talige tekstenAlmost all modern churches in Greece are built with the Agia Sofia church in Instanbul as an example. This church is used as an example because the Ecumenical patriarch still settles there. This patriarch is the head of the Greek Orthodox Church.
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Nederlands talige tekstenThere are several stories about the Greek flag; since the revolution of 1821 the Greek flag consists of a white equal cross within a blue square and 9 blue and white stripes.

Read more about the Greek flag and the flag from the church.

Nederlands talige tekstenBecause the soil on Crete is very hard, it is difficult to dig a deep grave. Therefore you will notice that the graves expand above ground in concrete shells. The chest is put inside and is then covered with a marble plaque.

Read more about the graveyards and iconistasi on the island.

Nederlands talige tekstenOften you will see, built against a mountain side, one of the many monasteries of the island of Crete. It is difficult to get there and therefore very quietly situated, like many monasteries in remote areas.

Read more about the remote locations of the monasteries.

Nederlands talige tekstenBecause of the high temperature people are buried within 24 hours after they die. That is also the reason why people don’t send announcement cards of the death.

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Nederlands talige tekstenThe A4 type poster is used to announce that somebody has died. Forty days after the death an official memorial service is held. This is repeated after three, six and nine months and after one year.

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Nederlands talige tekstenThe monastery of Epanosiphis (Μονή Αγίου Γεωργίου Επανωσήφη) is one of the largest monasteries on Crete. It is a good example of a monastery that expanded during the Turkish occupation.

Read more about one of this monastery on Crete.

Nederlands talige tekstenThe Greek Orthodox church (which parted in 1054 from the Roman Catholic church) was allowed to keep their land during the Turkish occupation. For a lot of land owners reason to give their land to the bishop and monasteries. Read more about monasteries and their land on Crete.
Nederlands talige tekstenThe little chapels called iconostasis alongside the road have a three way meaning; either an accident happened with casualties, or an accident happened with a good ending, or it is a reference to the nearest church or monastery.

Read more about the Iconistasis alongside the road on Crete. –

Nederlands talige tekstenThe first frescos date from the period of the Byzantine empire, around the 4th century AD. It started as a visual bible for the illiterates who were able to understand the story of Christ this way.

Read more about frescos and why they were made.

Nederlands talige tekstenThe tradition of icons dates from the beginning of our era, when the Greeks in Egypt covered the faces of the dead with a small wooden plank with a painting of the deceased person. Later this advanced in images of Saints on wood and again later on canvas.

Read more about the icons in the Greek Orthodox church.

Nederlands talige tekstenOne week before Easter Sunday, the Orthodox church commemorates the entrance of Jesus Christ in Jerusalem. Palm leaf crosses are handed out after the morning service.
Read more about palm Sunday and the palm leaf crosses.
Nederlands talige tekstenWomen that would like to get pregnant place a relic with a baby in front of the Panagia, the Mother of God. To show gratitude one also tends to donate gold or silver jewellery that is put in front of the icon.

Read more about relics.

Nederlands talige tekstenThe wedding ceremony starts with the engagement, even if the couple participated in a engagement ceremony before. The priest blesses the rings by putting them on top of the bible on the altar.

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Nederlands talige tekstenAgioi Deka owes its name to ten Cretan Christians, who where tortured to death, because of betrayal to the Romans. They refused to participate in the inauguration of the temple to the goddess Tyche.

Read more about Agia Deka near Gortys.

Nederlands talige tekstenThe monastery of Myriokefala is very famous for its frescos. It was build in the late 10th century AD.

Read more about the monastery in this mountain village.

Nederlands talige tekstenConcerning the Selinari monastery, which is situated between Malia and Neapoli and her little church, there is a legend that tells about a sheep shepherd who found an icon.

Read more about the Selinari monastery.

Nederlands talige tekstenThe Holy week is a very special week on Crete. Every day of the week something is happening in the Orthodox church, which results in a family happening on Easter morning, when in most families the lamb is on the spit and everyone gathers around the lunch table.

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