For the creation of all the RAGiF (Routaki’s Audio Guide info Files) an enormous amount of research was done. This resulted in up to 300.000 words of information divided into several subjects. One of these subjects are the culinary matters. So on this page you find in the diversity of categories the links to the pages were you can read the whole (or basic) story for the information that is given to you in audio form when you drive one of the routes of Routaki.

how the olive harvest is done

Cretan Extra Virgin Olive Oil, so many stories to tell; so here is an extra INFOTHEEK PAGE with links…

Nowadays one uses electric motors, plastic netting, irrigation and fertilization. 60 years ago this was a whole different story when we are talking about the cultivation and harvest of olives.

Read more about the olive harvest in the old days.

NederlandsWe can go far back in history to find the first proof of olive trees. The earliest existence dates from no less than 50.000 years ago. One is able to find this out by the discovery of a fossilized olive leaf on the island of Santorini.

Read more about the history of the olives.

NederlandsDeutschThe quality of olive oil is based on the amount of acid. The lower this is, the better the quality of oil. Olive oil is ‘Extra Virgin’ when the level of acid lies between 0.1 and 1% per 100 grams olive oil and this percentage must be obtained naturally.

Read more about the quality of the olives.

NederlandsOn Crete about 160.000 acres of land hold about 30 million trees that are older than 7 years. Almost everybody on the island owns olive trees. This can vary from 1000 to only 4 or 5 trees.

Read more about the quantity of the Cretan olives.

NederlandsIn some areas of Crete the olives trees grow nicely in a row. The majority of the trees is not too old and are planted especially for the production of olives. The harvest is better when the olive tree has enough sunlight and water.

Read more about why the olive trees are planted in a row.

NederlandsThe harvest of the olives starts at the beginning of November. They try to avoid the rainy days. Usually a team consists of four to five persons. This is an easy number, because everybody will then have a task.

Read more about what needs to be done.