For the creation of all the RAGiF (Routaki’s Audio Guide info Files) an enormous amount of research was done. This resulted in up to 300.000 words of information divided into several subjects. On this page you find in the diversity of categories the links to the pages about the Cretan wine. Here you can read the whole (or basic) story for the information that is given to you in audio form when you drive one of the routes of Routaki.

Nederlands talige tekstenArchanes, Peza and Daphnes are all names of certified wine regions. Since we all know wine is made out of grapes, we first have to explain some things about the grape varieties.

Read more about Cretan wines

Nederlands talige tekstenFrom finds in a Minoan Villa we know that wine was already made in the 16th century BC. They found a wine press that dates back then. Crete has the possibility to produce very good wine. Read more details about Cretan wines

Nederlands talige tekstenRaisins are made of Sultanina grapes. Sultanina grapes are seedless grapes, coming from the lower vines of the vineyard. Sultanina grapesowe their name to the sultan of Turkey. Read more about raisins

Nederlands talige tekstenDespite the suitable temperature for the production of wine and anyone on Crete would be able to produce a good wine, the average vine farmer expects to sell his grapes for a very moderate price beforehand. Read more about the wine farmers theory.

Nederlands talige tekstenFirst of all the grapes are picked and put in large concrete reservoirs where the grapes are crushed by stamping of the feet. Preferably feet that have not been washed! Read more about the traditional wine process.