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Freelance as a digital nomad and create CONTENT OR ROUTES.....


working with the team of Routaki means you create digital information. Which you can do everywhere; at home, at school, but also at a beach, near a pool or in a hammock.

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We have lots of work to do, so we are really happy with your help.

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As the world is our domain, there is a lot of work to be done. So don’t waste precious time. Start creating and we will pay you. We started in Crete, where do you?

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As we're building a platform we need more like you. Help us find them.

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chat with one of our team members by fb chat, SMS or Whatsapp. The Routaki team will do its best and help you answer your questions.
become a translate freelance partner on the Routaki Platform

Become a freelance partner and translate in your mother tongue.

With the Routaki platform we have the aim to make an international product and service. For this we need you as a translator, who can work (independently) within your expertise and translate the existing articles and therefore RAGiF’s in another language of your choice. Ideally of the course in your native language. You don’t have to be a language professor or professional translator as long as you strive to make a perfect product.

Read on this separate page our suggestions concerning translating for the platform.


Don’t search …

… and you will be found.

A basic principle of Mr. Routaki. While working on his targets and goals, he realised that he didn’t like being dependent on somebody or something. He likes working together with people; brainstorming, discussing about new ideas, creating new content and helping each other develop something which provides a good life style.

So therefore, we as the team of Routaki send out the message;

be part of the success of Routaki and join the freelance team.

As a freelancer, you decide yourself what to do, when you do it and what it’s about.

If it is good, we pay for it. Simple as that. If it doesn’t reach our standards, we help you (if you show this interest) improve your knowledge, so you as well can deliver and earn (extra) cash.

Send us an e-mail with your proposal and we can start.

Let’s have a bright future together.

Team Routaki



  • per hour on agreed work
  • per 500 words of text
  • per 500 words of translation in your mother tongue
  • per 2000 words of recorded audio for the RAGiF
  • per route with minimum 3 POI (points of interest)
freelance with us from where ever you like.
freelance with us in the best locations on Crete

Your options as a freelance partner:

  • Translator (Eng/D/Fr/NL)

  • Content writer RAGiF
  • Content writer Infotheek
  • Audio Speech recorder
  • Photographer
  • Social Media assistant
  • Pdf texts editor

  • Route finder
  • POI finder
  • SEO website
  • Affiliate contact
  • YouTube assistant

  • Graphic designer
  • Sales person

For the content writers (m/f) of the Infotheek/RAGiF texts, we have written a separate page with some guidelines.
Here you will also find the list of keywords which (still) have to be used in pages. If you have other suggestions, please let us know.



You drove a route and were amazed by the effect Routaki had on your holiday. You’d like to help, but don’t have the time or interest to become a freelance partner. Please show others your pictures and tell them your stories and maybe also about the opportunities we provide.

If you’re in the possession of these incredible pictures or videos and you don’t mind them being publicised on this site, we are more than happy to receive them from you.

You can also help us by writing a comment on our Facebook page, the Google + account, mention us in a Tweet or even on TripAdvisor.

We are grateful for you help and support.

Team Routaki

become a freelancer for the routaki platform
freelance work you can do everywhere and whenever you like

“Hats off to Routaki! You deserve all the recognition for all the work you have done. I hope the photos I send you are useful. Once again, many thanks for a brilliant day!”


“Not only it provides me with an extra income, but also with the spirit in which Mr. Routaki is taking care of this platform. I can recommend it to everyone; join the TEAM”