The excavation of Agia Triada.

Nederlands talige teksten

The name of the excavation of the villa of Agia Triada is Greek; they do not know what it was called during the Minoan age. What they do know is that the name ‘villa’, how the small palace is sometimes called, is misleading. We are actually talking about a location of an administrative power that monitored the agricultural production of this area. Furthermore, one is also aware of the fact that the influence of a finding place changes in the coarse of time. Festos for example, took a downfall around 155 BC, most likely this was to the advantage of Agia Triada.

Precious things were found here like the wonderfully shaped vases and grails. Famous is the sarcophagus with paintings about the Minoan death cult which is exposed in the museum of Heraklion. Also exposed there are the frescos that decorated the floor and walls. Also found here was the famous vase made of black stone with reliëf of a festive procession of crop cultivators, representing the happy life on Crete.

A bit ‘lost’ on the finding place stands the small Byzantian Agios Georgios church that is decorated with frescos inside.