Siesta of great importance for the Cretans.

Nederlands talige teksten

Every civilization will adjust its lifestyle to the climate, so do the Cretans. During the hottest hours of the day it is impossible to work and very unpleasant to go out. The heat is oppressive and the hot air rises from the tar.

The nap in the afternoon is therefore very important to the Cretans. No matter how eager the shop owner is to sell his products, as soon as the sun reaches its highest point, the shutters close. After something to eat, a nap follows or one just takes it easy. At about four or five o’clock in the afternoon everything comes back to life, which lasts until about nine or ten in the evening.

The government is trying to get rid of this habit, especially in the big cities like Athens, to avoid the traffic jams caused by this siesta four times a day.