Olives and their history.

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We can go far back in history to find the first proof of olive trees. The earliest existence dates from no less than 50.000 years ago. One is able to find this out by the discovery of a fossilized olive leaf on the island of Santorini.
The first real cultivation of the trees started somewhere between 3000 and 2000 BC.
Besides that, one can recall the first time the olive was mentioned dates from the 12th century BC. This was recorded on the Egyptian papyrus. Ramses the third wrote his findings about the olive tree to the almighty God Ra.
Also the many findings dating from the Minoan period show us the use of the tree and the olive. Images about this can be found on clay tablets, amphora pottery and wall decorations. Also in manuscripts the harvesting of olives and the use of olive oil was mentioned.
Subsequently in the 6th century BC the authority in Athens drew up a law to protect the olive tree, especially against the unchecked chopping of the trees.

The first Olympics were also held in this century. The winners got given an olive branch as a symbol.
The olive production never came to a standstill during any of the times when Crete was occupied. On the contrary, it has only increased.