Mountain of Jouchtas south of Archanes.

Nederlands talige teksten

The mountain area called Jouchtas south of the town of Archanes is 811 metres high. The Jouchtas is also referred to as the place were Zeus the mythological king was buried. Because of this myth, the mountain looks like the profile of a sleeping man from a distance. Another explanation for this name is the discovery of a Minoan sacrifice altar where, in the distant past, religious celebrations were held.

From the capital Heraklion you can constantly see this mountain. You are now in fact looking at the back side of it, but during the trip you will drive around the mountain. Then you will also see the radio antenna that is installed on one of the three peaks.

On one of the other peaks, at the remainings of a Venetian monastery, stands a small white chapel. On the 6th of August it is very busy here, because the Greeks then visit the chapel with reference to the Transformation of the Saviour. They also enjoy the incredible view because on both sides you can see the immense peaks of the Idi highlands. On the other side you can see the Dikti highlands.