The Greek and the Greek Orthodox flag.

Nederlands talige teksten

The yellow flag is the symbol of the Greek Orthodox church. It originally belonged to the Byzantine emperor. On the flag  there is an image of an eagle with two heads that symbolizes the end of the old and expresses the beginning of the new.

There are several stories about the Greek flag; since the revolution of 1821 the Greek flag consists of a white equal cross within a blue square and 9 blue and white stripes.
1. The cross comes from the symbol of the Greek orthodox church. The 9 stripes stand for the word ‘Elefteria’, which means ‘freedom’ in the Greek language. Every stripe represents one letter.

2. At the same time the blue and white stripes symbolize the sea. When the flag flies in the wind the blue and white stripes are like the waves of the sea.

3. Another theory for the blue and white colours of the Greek flag, would be because from origin the Greeks where fair-hared with blue eyes.