The disc of Festos.

Nederlands talige teksten

From the period around 1700 BC comes one of the most famous finds, not only of Festos but of Crete, being the disc of Festos. This is a disc of clay, with a diameter of 16 cm and a thickness of 2 cm, with a spiral shaped script of 45 different symbols on both sides.
It is said that the tokens on this disc can be claimed to be one of the oldest scripts in the world.
When it comes to the translation of the symbols, opinions differ. For the time being the meaning of the symbols is a mystery.

It is exposed in the archaeological museum in Heraklion where it does not make the impression of the cultural-historical value that it certainly has.

Besides this unique find, only a few stamps and tablets were found in the palace of Festos, which for some archaeologists suggests that the power of Festos was decreasing to the advantage of Agia Triada.