Overviewing both seas near Kalamafka.

Nederlands talige teksten

Just before the village of Kalamafka in the prefecture of Lassithi, you can visit a viewing point from which you can see both seas. Standing there you see on your left, northwards, the Mediterranean sea, also called the Cretan sea. On your right hand side, looking southward, you can see the Libyan sea.

The length of land here is only 12 km broad with a view on the opposite side of the Thrypti highlands with a maximum height of 1476 metres. On the side of the valley where you are standing, you are on a runner of the Dikti highlands with the highest peak of 2452 metres. There is a route all the way around these highlands.

On the broadest point Crete is 60 km wide and the island has a length of 260 km with a total surface of more than 8000 square kilometres. Besides the Dikti highlands, we can mention two other highlands. The Ida highlands and the Lefka Ori. All in all, not a small island.

Worth mentioning is the village of Vassiliki at the beginning of the plateau. During an excavation in this village a mansion was found dating back to 2500 BC. The style of pottery found in this mansion was named after the finding place: the Vassiliki-style. You can recognize this style by the remarkable red and black spotted markings.