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Crete – off the beaten track –

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explore Crete with your private travel Rep - Mr. Routaki

On the rest of this page you find possibilities what to explore while on route with me as Mr. Routaki.
I prefer to stay away from the main national road; boring to drive and not without dangers.
All other options are open. So just let me know what you like to see or do. Just keep in mind that Crete isn’t a small island and driving needs time.
If you like to be surprised mention your interests (keywords) in

Examples of keywords:
#wine_tasting #pottery #excavations #blue_bays #south_coast #hiking #mezedes #olive_oil #shopping #museum #traditions #raki #orthodox_church

You can also have a look around in our Infotheek, so you get inspired by all the various aspects, which Crete has to offer.

It’s without saying that driving one of the four Routaki routes will automatically result in an amazing vacation day.

You can book me as your personal travel Rep, tour leader or how ever you like to call it, whenever I am is available. Check my availability calendar and contact me in any way possible: via Sms or Whatsapp on my mobile number: +31 643 87 59 40,  Facebook on the Routaki.routes page or my AJ4U page. You can also send me a private message on my personal fb page.

Preferable you send me a short e-mail with the requests of your day. If you receive a confirmation you can book me by purchasing the Routaki coins in the webshop in the amount agreed.

AJ on as golf guide on the Crete golf CourseMr. Routaki is (one of my) nickname(s) for Arjan, the writer and creative founder of this Routaki website. I am also known as AJ.  Most English speaking people have problems pronouncing my Dutch name, that’s why I use my first two initials to be known for every body, every where. On Crete it’s Mr. Routaki; small routes with the Cretan name-ending -aki.

I have been on the island since 1995 and have done a variety of jobs.Therefore I know a lot about the island. Working out my Routaki routes, which you can read about on this website, I learned even more.

In my Blog roll I share my experiences on a montly basis. But most of all I enjoy driving you around and show you the typical Cretan aspects.

You can hire me as your personal travel partner for yourself or together with your husband/wife/friend/child(ren) to a maximum of 4 persons.

One day (e.g. 9.30-17.30 u) costs €85,- (one Mr.Routaki coin) for one person. For every extra guest I ask  two silver coins extra à € 20,-

If your group consists of more than four people I have to arrange other transportation, which comes with an additional cost.

logo Routaki routes on CreteRoutaki routes on Crete.

In 2006 I had the idea to provide route descriptions for my guests who decided to rent a local car. In those days the product consisted of A4-papers folded in a little booklet, which where given out by me personally, accompanied by a CD or a audio cassette. 5 Day routes with more than 120 items of information.

Nowadays Routaki routes is a platform where freelancers can participate in the developing process into several languages. I take care of the Dutch versions and my goal is it, to provide more than 20 free routes in the future. The routes are also visible on Google My Maps and for the use of the audio files you have to obtain a password to access to the website so you can listen to them on your own smartphone or tablet.

When you book me as your private travel partner / tour rep I will use these routes, knowledge and  audio files to make sure you have a wonderful time during your personal tour.

AJ4U or as properly pronounced AJ for YOU !

AJ4U Golf & Guide was officially registered in January 2017. The goal of this one-person-company is to offer you, as a golf player the ultimate leisure experience on the golf course, but also besides the course. My main prospective is to provide you a worry-less round of Golf and on the side let you experience the beauty of the island of Crete. If you never have played golf before I can guide you through the beginnings and let you experience the brilliants of this sport during a driving range session.

As aids for these goals I use my two websites; the one you’re on;  Routaki.com, on which I offer free route descriptions and provides audio files (so called RAGiF’s) with interesting facts and details about the island, its inhabitants and their cultural aspects. The other website is called WickedGolfers.com and is for everything related to golf, especially on the beautiful Cretan Golf Course.

Mr. Routaki has the following suggestions:

Mr. Routaki brings you to crystal clear waters and abanded beaches

Abanded beaches and crystal clear waters. Several to be found on any road trip for a refreshing dive.

typical Cretan villages in every trip you make with Mr. Routaki

Typical Cretan villages. You pass them through and we can stop for some photos.

With Mr.Routaki you can also visit the cretAquarium.

Several parks as e.g. CretAquarium, Dinosauria Park or the little Zoo above Neapoli.

pottery villages like Margarites and Trapsano shown by Mr.Routaki

Visit with Mr.Routaki villages known for their home made pottery or broidery.

of course there are also options as:

Mr. Routaki shows you the Arkadi monastery

Important monasteries in the history of Crete, as e.g. the one from Arkadi.

Mr.Routaki drives you through the vineyards.

Driving through the vineyards and do a wine tasting at the local farmers.

city visits as is possible in Agios Nicolaos

Strolling through the city centres and use the terraces.

Lassithi plateau is one of the options with Mr. Routaki as your private guide

Driving over one of the many plateaus in between the Cretan mountain tops.

Mr. Routaki is also creative owner of

AJ4U Golf & Guide which consists of 2 brand names;

Routaki routes

Routaki routes is a part of AJ4U Golf & Guide

What has Routaki routes to offer?

All routes are available with Routaki Audio Guide info Files (RAGif’s).

All kind of articles in the Routaki Infotheek

Wicked Golfers

Play golf with AJ4U Golf & Guide on the Cretan Golf Course

What has AJ4U Golf & Guide to offer?

Most read articles on WickedGolfers.com

Free birdie book of The Crete Golf Course