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The Holy week on Crete.

As I woke up this morning I heard the church bells ring and realized that it’s Palm Sunday tomorrow morning.  As  I am still in Austia I refer to the western Easter.  Orthodox churches though base their Easter date on the Julian calendar, which often differs from the Gregorian calendar that is used by many western countries. Therefore the Orthodox Easter period often occurs later; this year the difference is one week, so it will be Eastern on Crete on the 8th of April.

Last year we published an article about Palm Sunday, with its events done by the Cretan ladies. Palm Sunday is the start of the Holy week.  Julia Milaki wrote us in detail what is going on during this week, so I thought; this is the perfect time to publish this all.

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The whole text is more than 1800 words, which is to much for one single blog post. Therefore I will publish this one a bit different than normally.

I will split up the week in four parts:

  • Palm Sunday
  • Monday till Wednesday
  • Thursday and Friday
  • Saturday and Sunday.

I will post these articles in our Infotheek, but also on our Routaki Facebook page.

Here in the blog post just the snippets and the tags. When the Holy week is finished this Routaki website – Infotheek, Orthodox church tab and corresponding Facebook page has a fine (maybe even a perfect) explanation concerning the Holy Week on Crete.

image inside the church on Crete on holy Thursday
traditional lamb out of the oven - end of the holy week on Crete
eating with friends and family on easter sunday morning

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Kalender bestaat niet.

house lord Olga with the easter palm tree, made for her children

I hope you like reading this all and wish you already a great eastern.

Xronia Polla

p.s. coincidence once again doesn’t exist. While writing this post my Austian landlady walks out of the house with this beautiful palm easter tree. Ten more days of Austria and than on my way to Crete.

Ta lemme,

Mr. Routaki