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Everything happens for a reason.

I think everyone once read the graphic shown here, in several forms, about the road an entrepreneur has to go on his way to succeeds. That road, or line, is never a straight one, and often drawn out with all kind of funny characters concerning the several lows.
Well, I can ad one to it.

the life of an entrepreneur doesn't go always upwards

An App builder that doesn’t follow up to his promises, causes a major setback in the planning. In a schedule which is, exept from that ‘minor’ issue, pretty accurate. Because as we wrote in our blog post of 17 December, it was the goal to have 5 routes up and running in the beginning of the season. Well with a small delay of some weeks, we proudly announce that routes 32, 35, 52, 58 and 59 are ready for sales in the Dutch language.

the church bells are ringing the whole day in Heraklion

>> Visit the product page in our webshop <<

Recently worked on the webshop, so that it comes available for you as clients and followers. = DONE V –> you can pay your entrance fee to the first Dutch route description, with 20 interesting RAGiF’s included.

Google + Collection and Instagram account are up and running… Check them out!

Routaki Collection on Google plus
Routaki route description in every detail written out
in our instagram account every day a lovely holiday picture

Routes are test driven and the feedbacks always involved the possibilities with Google Maps. So we looked into the use of that app. Should we implement it, or just advise? [Tell us your opinion in the comments.] For the time being we choose for the set up that every village name is now a link to the web browser page of Google Maps, in which the position of the village entry sign is shown. So if you loose your position in the route our ‘big brother’ tells you how to get to the next village.

link connection between de village entry signs and google maps

“Everything happens for a reason and comes to you at the right moment”.


So let us keep on looking on the bright side. We received the first back link request and an e-mail with written out worries, because this Cretan fan wanted to book the route, but no link worked. So, in other words, a sale was made!

always look at the sunny side of life

Another comment we got from our test-drivers was that the words and pictures were so difficult to read in the pdf form. This in combination with the fact that the roaming costs for the use of mobile internet are going to be deleted in the whole of Europe, made us decide to make webpages instead of pdf files. So the route description is going to be in an online modus. We do give the advise to use an Offline Browser app like the one from NiKoDroid70, as a back up, in case the internet fails during driving. In other words no downloading any more. Only filling up your cache (=intern memory of your smartphone).

Margarites are popular among the Greeks as a game

On the side I have started to invite friends, guests and followers into the second camper van (to be). A mobile home that may be used free of charge, following me on my trips through Europe and the rest of the world. Because that’s my ultimate (private) goal. Enjoy the ride and live life to the fullest.

Interested in coming along? Drop me a pm and I will tell you all about the plans, dreams and ways to get there.

Have a great one.
See you next month!

Mr. Routaki