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The birth of Routaki routevideos.

Nederlands talige teksten

Ook in NL


ome things can be really hard, and others can be really simple”.


For days I have been scrolling the internet to find the right way to connect audio files (our own RAGiF’s) to PDF’s. Adobe writes that it’s possible to insert audio files to their pdf’s. Well this is true, but after that you can’t send them to another device and use them there. At least that is what I learnt and still think. If you know more about this subject and you have a different opinion, please let me know because I don’t like my time wasted and then at least I know how it works.

So sitting there and not getting it done, made me think outside the box once again. Texts (=route descriptions) that have to be read in an offline mode and audio files, that have to be played. All that – and only that – on your and other smartphones. Don’t ask me where it came from, but suddenly there was the term VIDEO in my mind. What if I put all this info into a video file? In a video format (H.264) that can be played by all devices and be downloaded without the use of an app, or other difficult software. A kind of text presentation where you scroll through, just by the use of the pause button once in a while. The audio will be edited into it and for the long term…….endless opportunities.

So, as I wrote in the last blog post that Routaki was in a 2.0 mode, I think we can write that 3.0 is knocking on the door. The universe gave me already a sign a couple of months ago, when I, out of the blue, bought the Pinaccle video editing software. I didn’t really need it at that time, but I sure can use it now.

Writing that, I honestly have to admit that I already again switched back to the Premiere Pro CC version of Adobe. The software in which we already made many golf course videos in another interesting project of AJ4U. So after I bought the Adobe Acrobat Reader DC software licences for nothing, this was the second it happened. But, let us look at the bright side. Routaki routevideos is a lovely name with many opportunities.

In the meantime, I succeeded that the routevideos play on all three operating systems; Windows, Android and iOS. Mainly by the use of the open source media player of VLC, which everybody can download for free. But that’s not all; more work has to be done. Because the files are going to be zipped and due to their size they also have to be sent out of a cloud/mail server (e.g. Dropbox). And so on and so on.

So I keep you posted. In text form, audio files and now also in video formats.

Mr. Routaki